Clients choose their service based on need. One of our team members will pick up and drop off to your desired location.

Limo (Per Hour, Per 4 Hour Block)$110.00
Van (Per Hour, Per 4 Hour Block)$110.00
SUV (Per Hour, Per 4 Hour Block)$125.00
BUS (Per Hour, Per 4 Hour Block)$150.00 to $180.00

Gratuity (Added) 20%

Personal Driver (Chauffeur)

You have your choice of a well-vetted and background checked driver to come to your home or business and drive your personal car or security vehicle to your desired location.

Car or Limo (Per Hour, Per 2 Hour Min.)$40.00
Van (Per Hour, Per 2 Hour Min.)$50.00
SUV (Per Hour, Per 2 Hour Min.)$60.00
Gratuity (Added) 20%

Airport Transportation

No matter if you need services for business or personal, our team will get you to your local airpot ahead of time. We will minimize your travel stress providing top-notched services. Prices vary based on time of day and airport location.

SUV (One Way)$125-$175
Limo (One Way)$175-$215
Van (One Way)$125-$150
Gratuity (Added) 20%

Youth Transportation Services

We provide services for After School Commercial Transportation, Private Night Outs, Student Roundtrip Transportation.

Outside of DMV Local – Contact Office For Customized Pricing (Request Consultation) TBD
Local School Transportation Services (Per week, Per Child)$95.00 to $150.00

Senior Services

We provide personal personal chauffeur and door-to-door service to ensure your loved-ones safe transport to their desired location.

Standard Transportation Costs Per Category (subsidized by Medicare if applicable) (Per Hour, Per 2 Hour Min.)$30.00

Leisure Activities

Have fun with a personal excursion to targeted destinations in our local market. We can also provide personal security on your excursion if needed.

Bike (Per Unit)$250.00
Roundtrip To Destination$200.00
Other Charges Per Excursion TBD

Private Security Services

No matter your needs, we provide private security services for clients. Our security agents are current and former Law Enforcement, Military Security, and Investigative agents.

Transportation Cost (Per 4 Hour Block) +$400.00

I can’t say enough about the top-notched professionalism. I was picked up and dropped off safely and when a crisis happened at the airport my driver made sure I was safe, called his colleagues at the Airport Police Department and had them assess my threat level on the spot.

— Stephen